87 out of 100
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Selected Press for FOTONICA

  • “It's such a cool experience, is masterfully crafted, and really rewards playing it again and again.”
    Carter Dotson, toucharcade.com Read more
  • “You've experienced nothing like FOTONICA”
    Craig Grannell, pocketgamer.co.uk Read more
  • “Whichever mode you pick, FOTONICA tests you but keeps you wanting to return for more.”
    Jennifer Allen, 148apps.com Read more
  • “[8/10] Usain Bolt trapped in a feverish Tron daydream”
    Kristan Reed, eurogamer.net Read more
  • “Striking and instantly impressive”
    Ben Kuchera, arstechnica.com Read more
  • “A veritable black hole to lose yourself in”
    Emerson Rosenthal, thecreatorsproject.com Read more
  • “As good as competitive, hold-your-breath-every-second, first-person racing gets”
    Chris Priestman, pocketgamer.co.uk Read more
  • “[8/10] The best way to kill time while waiting for your goat to arrive”
    Tom, calmdowntom.com Read more
  • “"this one button game has a lot more mileage than you might expect"”
    Nathan Meunier, gamepro.com Read more
  • “a game about running really fast”
    Michael Rose, indiegames.com Read more
  • “You're taking a leap of faith with each jump and might find yourself holding your breath as you soar through the digital ether”
    Evan Narcisse, ifc.com Read more
  • “Pure gaming bliss”
    Ian Fisher, shogungamer.com Read more
  • “It’s a remarkable game, and unlike anything else I’ve played”
    John Walker, rockpapershotgun.com Read more
  • “Fotonica is definitely one game that needs to be installed on your favorite device”
    Tweet, modojo.com Read more
  • “Stunning, original and plain weird (35 best games on Android) ”
    Craig Grannell, stuff.tv Read more

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