80 out of 100
Avg score

Selected Press for MirrorMoon EP

  • “[9/10] One of the purest exploration games I've ever played: a genuine thing of wonder”
    Christian Donlan, eurogamer.net Read more
  • “[10/10] With beautiful artistic touches throughout and gameplay that doesn’t feel traditional at all, the experience that is MirrorMoon EP is one that will likely stick with me for years”
    Ian Fisher, shogungamer.com Read more
  • “MirrorMoon EP could be an all-encompassing metaphor for the way we fanatically search for purpose in the world.”
    Stephen Hershey, killscreendaily.com Read more
  • “When I was a kid, I was deathly afraid of space. The stark, vast beauty of the night sky both entranced and terrified me [...] While I have long since overcome those fears, MirrorMoon brought the memories of them back with a vengeance. I have never played a game that captures the simple and dangerous beauty of space quite like it.”
    James Murff, gamefront.com Read more
  • “MirrorMoon EP makes you feel like a pioneer”
    Dan Crawley, venturebeat.com Read more
  • “If you enjoy unraveling mysteries like this, you should already be playing MirrorMoon.”
    Cassandra Khaw, indiegames.com Read more

Awards & Recognition for MirrorMoon EP